Callum Forster

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

My name is Callum Forster and I recently completed Cambridge School of Art's BA (Hons) Digital Media Production degree course.

The key themes that I present throughout my body of work relate to the topics of narrative storytelling through visual animations, scripted films and physical performances while collaborating with other creatives within and outside the university campus.

My work responds to spirituality, mindfulness and exploring the human condition. This includes grief, in relation to the loss of a loved one or the breakdown of a relationship.

Genres of e-fiction and humour are also areas of interest which I have explored while studying the Digital Media Production course, and creative experimentation a strong component that works alongside most of the work I produced for the course, prevalent in the virtual experience ‘Finding Equilibrium’ created for my Final Major Project.

My artistic and creative influences range from an interest in older British filmmakers in the 20th century to the craft of modern audio book and drama productions, both of which can be seen in my work.

I gained work experience through interactions with the ‘Sookio School’ company founder Sue Keough, who kindly gave me and other peers the opportunity to produce a promo video for one of her company's many online courses.

I also gained experience working with various creatives from actors, composers, and filmmakers both within and outside the university, who kindly collaborated on a few of the bigger productions that are presented within this online show.

My key achievements include the interactive film ‘Groundless,’ the VR film ‘Refuge,’ the audio drama adaption of Henry Treece’s poem ‘The Magic Wood’ and the virtual experience I produced within Mozilla Hubs titled ‘Finding Equilibrium.’

My career aspiration is to work within the creative sectors of the entertainment industry. I am interested in producing assets for productions, and longer-term goals include directing my own productions and creative collaborations.

You can find more extensive examples of my work in the below Adobe Portfolio. I look forward to speaking to you.