Jess Brittain

Photography - BA (Hons)

Jess Brittain is a portrait and social documentary photographer based in Cambridge, UK. In the UK today, homelessness is an ongoing national issue, which can be devastating, dangerous and isolating for those affected. Many social causes can develop into homelessness, such as lack of affordable housing, poverty, unemployment and traumatic life events. The many stigmas attached to this experience can negatively influence those affected, reducing their experience to a single stereotype.

Each individual's experience is different, and I felt it was essential to understand their stories and personalise their experiences. Inspired by my own family’s struggles with homelessness, both in the past and currently; I thought it was important to highlight this issue to challenge these stereotypes and collaborate with those affected by this social condition. Working alongside a diverse range of individuals who are in different paths of their lives, whether that be street homeless, living in temporary accommodation and much more. I hoped to help communicate their story through photographic means, customising each portrait and encouraging their creative control over the experience. With the hopes that from this, to show different perspectives of homelessness and hope to change the narrative that is enforced upon homeless individuals.