Georgia Robinson

Photography - BA (Hons)

For her major project Georgia created a series of 4 book exploring how growing old can be a positive part of life. Within this project she created a series of 4 books exploring different stages of her nan’s life. Here she shows an image from each book.

The image of the doll was from a book that explored her nan’s childhood. The image of the clown was all about exploring the relationship she shared with her nan. The image of Georgia’s nan with her moonwalk medals explored what she believes her biggest accomplishment to be. Finally, the image of her nan in the studio with the black backdrop is from Georgia’s book that was all about exploring her nan’s current illness.

The series of books Georgia created included watercolour paintings of yellow roses to link her books together as a series. The paintings within the books represent her nan’s favourite flower, a flower that reminds her of her mother.