Lily Mccarthy

Media Studies - BA (Hons)

The medium for both projects is radio as these pieces exhibit the best quality work that has been produced over the three years of the degree. The first project being presented is a film review of Green Book, a 2018 American biographical comedy-drama film directed by Peter Farrelly. The key themes of the project are the issues of equality in today’s society, racism, controversy and the history of jazz music. The second project is centred around the Cambridge Film Festival, and it’s key themes are the city of Cambridge, it has a conversational feel, the future of film and the impacts Netflix has on the film festival industry. The way this work could be defined would be a keen interest to learn more about the film industry shaped by in depth research. Work experience at the Cambridge Film Festival as Hospitality and Delegate intern has also inspired the decision to focus on this topic. In terms of career goals, a career in Events Management would be aspirational due to having previous work experience in this sector or alternatively, a career in production in Film and Television as the individual is confident, organised, proactive, sociable and able to navigate difficult situations.