Sandra Scott

MA Printmaking

Sandra Scott has shown an interest in the relationship between memory and domestic objects in her practice for many years. Her personal experience of Alzheimer’s has played a major role in the direction that her work has taken. Her art practice focuses on the exploration of issues surrounding memory, forgetting and loss through the forms of printmaking and free machine embroidery (stitch). Her transmission of narrative by investigating the power given to objects as symbols of memory, allows opportunity for the viewer to connect with the work. The interrogation and fusion of printmaking and textiles has provided many occasions where she has captured, reconstructed or represented objects which traverse the intricacies and intimacies of the subject, triggering memories.

She combines lines, patterns and marks extracted from her drawings, which are transformed into print and stitch to reinforce or recapture a moment through a changed visual experience. It is through this process of combining, overlapping and intertwining these media that She explores the domestic interior and issues associated with the home relating to memories.

Her art practice expresses her view that everyday objects hold an important place in our lives. These exist as vessels which carry our emotions, our memories, our history, our stories and can also provide comfort. Through the methodology of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction She demonstrates the fragility, unreliability, deterioration and fragmentary nature of memory. Her use of materials like tissue paper and organza fabric reinforce these characteristics by their own fragile qualities. Expanding on the theme of fragility her use of free machine embroidery on water soluble fabric captures a sense of delicacy and vulnerability that also conveys the same ephemeral feeling, as if on the verge of disappearing.

Sandra continues investigating ways of combining printmaking and machine embroidery to create a dialogue which highlights the complex issues related to memory loss. This format is the most powerful way to communicate my ideas, creating a narrative which pays homage to the past.