Katherine Van Uytrecht

MA Printmaking

Katherine Van Uytrecht’s practice is based in the expanded field of Print and embedded in the materiality of making. It focuses on the haptic quality of surface, ink on paper, tactility of process and repetition. Her interests include intuitive mark making, stencils and scale through the medium of etching.

Through printmaking, sound and video, her work examines concepts of individual and group identity, community, who we are and how we are connected. Making links and drawing upon relationships between Eastern philosophies and Western science, she investigates how sound, thought and listening can be used to create understandings on a physical, chemical and psychological level. These connections question the auditory nature of sound and its ability to manifest into other forms.

Katherine’s most recent work explores the concepts, mechanics and politics of listening as offered by Lisbeth Lipari (2014). Lipari suggests an ethical and moral application and implication to the practice of listening.

Considering a listening practice through the activation and cultivation of our imagination, our environments and our moral duty, Katherine explores how listening can inform our thinking as a means to create new conditions for humanity.

‘The Listening Booth’ is an audio exploration into the nature of listening, whilst ‘Listening Attunement’ is a visual counterpart using stop motion animation.

‘How to Hear the Sound of Listening’, are four films exploring different aspects of listening as described by Lisbeth Lipari (2014). The films are loosely based on the 'How to...' manual, but rather than giving the viewer direct step by step instructions, they challenge audiences to think differently about how to listen. The audio from the films have been removed, forcing audiences to listen by engaging their other senses as well as their imagination.

A live performance in the Ruskin Gallery offers the performers and audience the opportunity to test their listening patience. Two people will give a 30 minute live-performance based on one of the ‘How to Hear the Sound of Listening’ videos. A performer facing the audience will listen to the sounds in the gallery space and clap or stamp a rhythm based on what they hear from the immediate environment. The performer facing the wall, will draw a mark, like a score, every time they hear a clap or stamp from the other performer.