Max Elgar

MA Film and Television Production

Max Elgar is an independent writer, director and D.O.P. who has recently finished an MA Film and Television Production at the Cambridge School of Creative Industries, ARU. He has produced many short films over the last two years, as well as a commissioned audio piece for the BBC, and a commissioned experimental short in collaboration with the Globe Theatre. His focus is on intertwining the harsh existential realities of human life with light sci-fi and fantasy elements to better inform the way we interpret the chaos around us. He works primarily in drama but enjoys creating documentaries focusing on unique and outstanding individuals overlooked by traditional channels.

Ino is a short sci-fi film about a near future England where all current social issues have reached a terrifying peak; pollution fills the air, the streets are empty, unemployment and violent crime is rampant, and additionally, aliens have landed. However, with more pressing issues for most people, the stranded visitors have become just another badly integrated immigrant class. Amidst this chaos, the film explores the relationship between a surrogate father, and his adopted alien daughter, who he keeps sequestered and isolated in their home.

How far will he go to keep Ino from facing the realities outside? What will he do when their safety is threatened? What crimes will he commit to keep her safe? Made on a shoestring budget, and funded entirely by crowdfunding and the directors’ own efforts, Ino is the culmination of nearly two years of study and practice in filmmaking. It is also the combined effort of a dedicated team of volunteers who faced the challenges of lockdown head on in an effort to produce this piece regardless. We hope you enjoy it.