Sara Gómez Pérez

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

As an interior designer, sara has always been interested in the relationship of people with their environments. How a person acts and interacts in one way or another depending on the space in which they are in.

She is exploring this relationship of person-space by introducing a determining factor: loneliness and isolation.
This project investigates how a space becomes the platform that brings together different cultures that want to learn from each other through food preparation and consumption.

She started expanding her knowledge about the difference regarding food habits of other cultures and countries but with time and investigation it became clear that at the end of the day the project was not about the differences between people but the similarities . Wherever we are from we might have little different habits but we have the same desires and feelings. That is the heart of the project.

In the future, she hopes to be able to collaborate with other disciplines on projects that allow her to learn new skills, grow as a creative person and leave a mark on others.

She has a special interest and respect for the theater and the cinema since they involve everything before mentioned.

This is her first time exhibiting her work, but as a second year student Sara, along with another student, designed the lighting for the 2019 Interior Design Degree Show.  With other members of the course she also built and installed the stands.