Lucrezia Lora Moretto

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

Lucrezia Lora Moretto is a young Italian interior designer just graduated from Anglia Ruskin University. Since the beginning of her journey at university, she has expressed her passion for simple and geometric shapes that has driven her to develop pure but strong design, from product design to interior spaces.

She is an enthusiastic open mind designer that loves research and study about new cultures, styles and trends, bringing constantly fresh air to her ideas in order to express better her design views. For her last project, Re-connection, she has been inspired by Japanese culture. It was an unexplored field, until when she had to create a space that brings people together avoiding feelings of isolation, such as loneliness, symptom that nowadays is incredibly common in our society through people of all ages.

So, she has realised a space where people can feel intimate with themselves and others, being able to learn and express their own creativity, without being judged through a screen or a text posted on social media.

Thanks to the opportunity of being junior designer assistant in Italy last summer, she learn how to combine scale and proportion to generate a balanced space layout, that she had to introduced in the development of her spaces. More important, she had the incredible opportunity to live for three months a designer daily routine. From clients meetings, to colour and furniture choices, from being hosted as guest by an important design kitchen brand for the opening of its new showroom to the direct visit on site to work cohesively with builders and technicians, she had loved every single aspect of work as a interior designer.

That experience enormously helped her to strengthen her desire to start working as an interior designer after university, in order to finally be able to develop real projects that express her creative view.