Lomasi Bell

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Lomasi is an experimental maker. Character and narrative are the key elements in her work, which are expressed through her playful approach to moving image. Immersing herself in different worlds, she is inspired by folklore and anthropomorphism, and enjoys imagining the movement and lives of mundane objects.

For her most recent project, Lomasi combined her interests in animation and model making, and created a film about two fishermen brothers, for which she made costumes and props to bring her animated characters to life. Combining digital and analogue processes to execute her ideas, her work can be described as bold and lively. She loves to have fun with the work she is making, expressing her energy through collaboration and experimentation. Recently, Lomasi has hosted her own art club on Instagram, where she encourages people to create and take part in her weekly themes during lockdown. Along with her art club, Lomasi’s other projects can be found on her Instagram.