Libby Marie Scott

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Libby is a storyteller. She uses illustration as a way of drawing people into her created spaces. Whether it is editorial or narrative, she aims to beguile the viewer with her dream-like invention. This is what attracts her to picture book illustration and the desire to create for a younger audience who can share her quixotic way of thinking.

Libby makes use of a combination of analogue materials and digital manipulation to achieve her brightly coloured yet textural images. Captivated by the endless possibilities of picture book making, she loves to use it as a platform of education for children.

Inspiration-wise, she draws as much from the quirky characters and myriad faces she sees around her in a coffee shop or on a walk through the park, as she does from other artists. People-watching fuels her imagination daily.

For her final major project she produced a picture book that communicated the importance of being grateful rather than envious, while using the protagonists of a girl and an alien. Libby wants to continue in picture book illustration and publish her work to be sold to families around the world.