George Inwards

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Here’s what you need to know about George: he has found what he loves to do. Design, Illustration and Copywriting.

Throughout his final major project he did a number of different briefs, including: menu design, logo designs, packaging, advertising and copywriting. His preference is to work digitally and quite quickly; coming up with lots of ideas and then editing them down to a relevant solution.

His biggest passion is typography. He also enjoys mixing graphic shapes with clever word play, and using witty humour to grab viewer’s attention. Although he enjoys using humour, he has taken on some more serious topics in his work such as alcohol awareness.

His dissertation was about the emotional and/physical response to colour. Specifically, does it affect hunger and buying habits? From this, he gained a better understanding of the uses of colour and how it can form part of what drives customer behaviour.

Ideally, George would like to work for a company as a graphic designer or copywriter. He is looking for internships, freelance work and general experience. He would be grateful for any opportunities and hopes he can prove himself to be useful to any business.