Cami Ruohonen

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Cami Ruohonen is an Italian-Finnish illustrator. She works in traditional and digital media, particularly loves painterly textures and mixing colours, but uses Procreate and Photoshop too.

Her final project includes themes of mindfulness and nature, which she sees as an endless source of inspiration, wonders and healing. Her wish is to uplift the viewer and raise awareness on self help techniques. The aim of the pattern for textiles is to wrap a person in wellbeing and to trigger a conversation on sustainability. Cami likes to incorporate metaphors and surrealism into her work and create atmospheric images that support abstract ideas. Her dream clients are wellness/food/travel magazines, children books publishers and brands looking for painterly designs. 

Before the Illustration BA at CSA she lived in London and attended textile design courses at Central Saint Martin's and painting courses in Italy.She worked with Arjumands World, Lauren Baker, Tapisserie London and exhibited her work at Fazenda UK cafè. These experiences clarified the relationship between illustration, fine art and textile design and where her way to work fits best. 

Cami is open to commissions and group projects, you can contact her at the email address below.