Toni Kempinski

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

Toni Kempinski is an  aspiring illustrator, with a focus on character design. She works particularly on exploring character expression and movement, as well as sequential story telling. Though she primarily works with illustration she has spent time working with animation and story-boarding to develop her skills in these areas. She is interested in science fiction and fantasy and exploring the possibilities  of design in these genres, inspired by her times playing dungeons and dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games, as they have given her space to create and develop and varieties of characters and stories, She hopes to get the chance to work as an illustrator for tabletop games.

Toni's main artistic inspirations come from indie comics and webcomics as their creators have the freedom to experiment with art and story telling, she has many ideas for her own webcomics and bringing them to life is one of her greatest goals as a creator. She has completed a short webcomic based on a table top roleplay game podcasts she was involved in, and is excited to use what she learns from that project in her work going forward.