Lauren Maxwell

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Lauren Maxwell is a Graphic Designer with a keen interest in poster design; she is intrigued by the relationship between type and image and how they must work in harmony to create a striking piece of design. Lauren has strongly broadened her bank of inspiration whilst studying the third year of her Graphic Design degree. This has been through seeking design work from creatives all around the world - both past and present. A strong field of her inspiration has been from Polish Posters in terms of graphics, colour and typography.

This interest in poster design inspired Lauren’s Final Major Project, she wanted to explore poster design as an art form by creating souvenir posters for the productions at Cambridge Arts Theatre. These would be an artistic form of merchandise that would celebrate each play. Lauren designed every poster with the audience in mind, regarding what they would want to take home and frame. The experience encouraged Lauren to experiment with physical processes, as opposed to digital, with methods such as hand lettering.

As a Graphic Designer Lauren is conscientious and always looking for ways to improve. Her biggest achievement to date is being shortlisted in the Penguin Student Design Awards under the Non Fiction Cover category. Lauren would like to continue to pursue her interest in poster design, and is currently particularly drawn to film, music and theatre. She also remains interested in the prospect of a souvenir poster for the theatre, as this is a niche she has enjoyed designing for and would be excited to take further.