Francesca Di Pillo

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

A long journey is made of several highlights. To become a Graphic Designer, Francesca attended a three years course in the Cambridge School of Art. As she had no previous experience in the field, it was not an easy adventure, but the efforts started to be rewarded in the early stages.

In fact, during the second year, Francesca was shortlisted for the Penguin “Student Design Award”, a yearly competition run by the publishing company. Her book cover for Murakami’s “Norwegian Woods” was one of the ten selected within more than two thousand submissions in 2019 - first highlight.

Without any doubt, “Shiva” is the second highlight of Francesca’s journey - the Major Project she produced to graduate. The key themes in her work are elegance, minimalism and restraint. She likes to find a deep sense in everything, to go beyond the common concept of things and express it through her designs. In the future, she would like to expand her skills by approaching the work world directly, through an internship or, possibly, a job in a design agency. Achieving this would definitely become the third highlight of her journey.