Elitsa Mario Stoyanova

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Seen in other people’s eyes as the unconventional one. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Elitsa left to study abroad, or to be more concrete starts her adult life at Anglia Ruskin University and graphic design. What stands out as characterising her work is the order, despite the chaos and the unconventionality, and the aspiration to be authentic.

This is something that can be easily witnessed in her major project, the purpose of which is to communicate the challenging stigma around mental disorders, or more specifically depression. Her focus is on the personal experience rather than statistics. The aim is to help people to have a better understanding of the condition, to visualise how It feels and looks. By distorting those words that describe
the feelings and states of mind that are the most seriously affected by mental illness, she hopes to provide a small insight into the experiences of the depressive mind.

Elitsa's work is influenced by designers that provoke any sort of feelings and reactions. Her greatest professional goal is to be able to find herself in a position where she will be recognised and chosen for her abilities.