Klaudia Kempa

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Klaudia Kempa is a London based artist who ​explores themes surrounding sexuality and the body through mediums such as sculpture, installation, video and photography, along with abject art​. Born in Poland in 1999, she moved to London at a young age and began her practice through painting portraits, but has since moved onto more photographic projects that ​often presents herself as the subject. Her photographs are oftentimes displayed as tall as 96 inches (8ft) which generates the work to have a dominating presence, and through displaying herself in the nude, she takes away any power that anyone ever had over her body.

Klaudia Kempa’s practice revolves around experimenting with unknown substances such as liquids and foods to create a sense of curiosity and unsettling for the viewer, permitting them to invade her privacy through surrendering herself to the camera. Her sculptures deal with sex in a subtle way, usually made with pastel coloured wools and threads, they aim to invite the viewer, only to confuse them. Her goal is to eliminate any shame surrounding something that is so natural and normal, sex.