Edina Horvathova

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

A recent graduate of Cambridge School of Art, Edina Horvathova breaks away from stereotypes of classical artistic definitions. Her work focuses on linear compositions on either canvas or paper that are often completed with surrealist style collages. She challenges the material that features paintings and drawings in a traditional way and turns them into liberal pieces viewed from a different angle. This has been demonstrated through various material expansions within the work, interaction initiative set ups as well as reduction and revelation of supporting material such as the frame. She is closely involved with printmaking where she works with photographic processes which she later uses in her work.

Her work was featured in Cambridge Artworks (2018), Motion Sickness (2019) and Ruskin Gallery (2019, 2020) alongside artists including Kira Barnard with whom she entered collaboration. The two artists work in close relation despite their different areas of interest.

She graduated from Cambridge School of Art in 2020, in Cambridge where she is currently based.