Jack Brand

Film Studies - BA (Hons)

Having written several screenplays and contributed to production of numerous independent film productions, I have accumulated a wide portfolio of work, ranging in genre from surreal comedies to cyberpunk thrillers. Presenting my first full screenplay project, OmniScience: Purple Haze, in a screenwriting module, I have keenly pursued creative writing related to film ever since, becoming a regular of the National Centre for Writing in my hometown of Norwich, as well as other conventions such as the Royal Television Society.

I have lent a hand in the development of my friends’ and classmates’ projects by editing the scripts and brainstorming new ideas alongside them. This culminated in a great international opportunity to provide creative feedback to a German director in his comedy-horror screenplay.

Beyond film production, I have learned valuable skills from working as a dispatch call handler at the NHS 111 service for over two years, briefly assisting as an intern at the Cambridge Film Festival, and acting as Course Representative for Year 2 Film Studies.