Jasmine King

Film Studies and Media Studies - BA (Hons)

The following portfolio demonstrates work conducted as an undergraduate Film and Media Studies honours student. Primarily focusing around animation and live action filming, elements of expressionism and performance Art are featured, additionally including audio that explains the history behind Japanese animation (anime) and manga – a Japanese comic genre. Dragon Ball Z (Fuji TV, 1989-96) and A Scanner Darkly (2006) have majorly influenced the production of work. The scenery in DBZ is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the effort put into the making of A Scanner Darkly is extraordinary – the entire film uses rotoscoping animation, a time consuming process, yet the outcome is exceptional. Homage is mostly paid to Japanese culture and contemporary dance having been exposed to them from an early age in martial Arts (karate) and ballet. Attending the London Film Festival in 2019 helped to explore different ideas for films as there was a diverse range to be inspired by and gaining experience in writing a review for TakeOne Magazine on the film, Synchronic (2019) was also a proud achievement. The opportunity to film ARU’s Performing Arts student’s trailer for Little Shop of Horrors was a great way to broaden filming skills because this project was a new territory and there are hopes to continue to explore creative ways of filming, expanding ideas and using this degree to its greatest ability.