Sara Vermelhudo

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

Sara is a Portuguese filmmaker currently based in London who has come to specialise in Sound Design, although she has taken on other roles in numerous productions such as Art Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Director. Exploring the relationship between humanity and Nature and how, through the deepening of self-awareness one is able to reshape their perception over the natural world we inhabit is an area of particular interest. 

The themes Sara explores within Film naturally come to reflect onto her own personal philosophies so the search for a life in cyclical harmony with nature within and around is very meaningful. This echoes into her work in other areas such as Photography, Painting or even her gastronomic ventures honouring cultures from all around the world. She aims to keep exploring these lines of work while working as a Sound Designer and Production Assistant and continue to not only deepen but also apply her skills in any work she undertakes. 

Sara took on the role of Sound Designer, Sound Recorder and Composer in the 'Re-Membering' Major Project.