Catarina Teixeira Rodrigues Barroco

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

When Catarina was younger, she developed a passion for photography and would always be the one responsible for my family holiday photos. This passion for the camera later became a passion for filming when Catarina first had the opportunity to study video making and saw how much she enjoyed being behind the camera. For this reason, Catarina moved from Portugal to the UK to be able to study and try to have a career in what she loves to do. 

As a camera operator, Catarina may not have a lot of brilliant creative moments, but she easily understands other’s ideas and portrait them practically with the camera. She is am also very punctual and very present on set even if the camera operator is not needed, and will often be there to help with anything. 

Catarina now aspires to work as a camera operator as well as working independently both filming and editing her own projects.