Cameron Brown

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

As a cinematographer, Cameron is captivated by the many possibilities of capturing the truth. After studying cinema extensively, he has developed a passion for the meticulous low-key lighting of Gordon Willis and Jordan Cronenweth, the free flow wide-angle approaches of Terence Malick and Emmanuel Lubezki, and the rich and sharp images of Soviet films such as Come and See (1985) and The Mirror (1975). Recent films such as The Revenant (2015) have revealed to Cameron the potential of the digital image in so far as to the amount of data that can be captured and then manipulated in post-production to achieve a highly nuanced look. While Cameron has experimented with different formats such as 4k and 16mm celluloid on numerous short film projects for some years, he has also entered into camera department roles on bigger productions, broadening his skills as a 2nd assistant camera and focus puller. This is where Cameron's technical passions lie at this moment and is the avenue he wishes to explore in the near future. Nevertheless, Cameron's love for the art of cinema is a great aide in his creativity which he further seeks to develop in the position of cinematographer on projects he truly believe in.