Albiana Morina

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

A daydreamer firstly, and secondly a film graduate working in experimental documentary cinema. Ever since her high school days, Albiana Morina has been making videos that deal with youth activism and local awareness. Eager to voice her opinions and show the truth, her passion for storytelling grew with every new person she met and every new place she visited. Throughout her studies, Albiana has shown interest in different genres and has taken a wide range of roles which has brought her closer to a feeling of community and acceptance on set. Looking to find a balance between the beauty of simplicity and the radical ideas of her generation, it has become of real importance to her that she finds the audience that listens to what she has to say and embraces the ways she wants to show it.  
Lastly, Albiana is just a young woman who wants to create something worthwhile.