Lilly Boggis

Digital Media - BA (Hons)

Lilly specialises in animated design and graphical content with a wide interest in the world of digital media production. She defines and characterises her medium by using simple movement and carefully selected fonts and colours to complement its purpose. Through her evolution of education, she has always brought a keen eye towards the environment and healthy living values, this shows through her final university work - building and designing a business, helping those to reduce, reuse and recycle. Her work has also been heavily influenced by her experience with FLIT - a small e-bike company, with marketing, audience interaction, and understanding the value of positive design and communication.

Lilly believes that designing brands, advertisement or any piece of work are what makes things great. She strives to exhilarate her audiences with colour and positivity to enhance a story through animated and graphical design. Lilly will always have a mind for digital design and creation with setting career goals to have her own design agency, building long-lasting brands. Her biggest achievement lies in her involvement with her own business brand design but also leading designs in her collaboration and client-based projects.