Jules Marrison

Audio and Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

Jules Marrison is a hard-working, enthusiastic and passionate person in all aspects of his life.  Jules tries to complete every task he undertakes to the highest quality and is always striving to create the best quality product he possibly can.  Jules is very dedicated to his work both as a scientist and musician, and is a strong believer in ‘if something is worth doing it is worth doing well’.  Jules likes being challenged as it forces him out of his comfort zone and to become a better person whether it be at specific tasks or with life in general.  Aside from Jules' more scientific side, he enjoys creating and playing music.  He has worked as a recording and mixing engineer with many artists in Essex and has been playing drums for 12 years, most recently Jules joined a band called State Of Millenia, who try to play as many shows as they can because it is what they love doing.   

Jules' main goal in life is to run her own recording studio, Jules not driven by money but driven by her passion for music and everything surrounding it.