Adam Pattrick

Audio and Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

I am a composer, mixing engineer, and sound designer from Essex. Often working from my home studio, I combine Foley work with original musical scores to create compelling soundscapes for short films. I have worked on films spanning several genres, from the psychological horror of ‘A Monsters Shadow’ to the chipper cartoon ‘Curiosity’, shown below.

Using a combination of Logic Pro X, for compositional elements, and Pro Tools, for mixing, I often use ProjectSAM virtual software instruments to create full orchestral scores without the expense of hiring several musicians.

I am also a fully-qualified recording and mixing engineer, available to record artists from my home studio or a third party venue, depending on the scope of the project.

Featured below are two animated short films that include full sound design and composition work I created in my home studio.

Finally, the song ‘Problems’, performed by Romford-based folk-pop band Lost Cosmonauts, was written, recorded, mixed and produced by me for their upcoming album.