Avani Lakhotia

MA Graphic Design and Typography

Mittee is a chromatic Devanagari display font with two layers and a set of 34 ornaments. The layers can be used individually, but when placed together they create unique multi coloured glyphs.

The basic layer is influenced by concept of subtractive letters, as well as Lino-cutting. The letter shapes were purposfully designed to create tension between the angular shapes and fluid shapes.

The skeleton layer takes inspiration from the Indian endangered art form Kathputli (Puppetry). In this art form the puppets are made using a large single piece of wood in the middle, followed by a layer of cotton to create the arms, which is further wrapped with a traditionally patterned cloth.

The ornaments were formed using four copies of each of the consonants. The four copies were placed to create the ornament shape. These can be used to create patterns, borders or even a third layer for the font.