Hannah Kenyon

MA Children's Book Illustration

I am Hannah Kenyon, an Illustrator and storyteller currently based in West Yorkshire, UK. I have just completed my MA Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University.

I am always looking for ways to inject fun and humour into my children’s books, whether it be with quirky animal characters or expressive typography. I love using colour to aid the narrative in my books, like using a sepia pallet for flashback scenes in ‘Hunger on the Woodland Express’. I often lean towards creating bright and bold colours in my illustrations and use Photoshop to enhance these colours even further.

Most of my illustrations are half hand drawn, half digital, which is a very exciting way of working as it allows for a lot of experimentation. I can either play around with the hand-created elements, which I then scan into the computer, or utilise different elements within software such as Photoshop or drawing apps.

I find I am most at peace when removed from urban landscapes, watching the wildlife around me. As such, nature has become a key influence in my work, fuelling my creativity.