Faria Ehsan

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

I am an Interior Design student, passionate about architecture and art. During my years as a student I have learned a lot more about the relationship between the human and space. Interested mostly in shape and colours, I like to create spaces that lead to a magical and almost surreal space.

In my project "RAINBOW PLAY" I have created a space for children. In an era of climate change, and the current generation children being less active and spending more time indoors, where often they feel alone and not understood, it is important to make children curious and create an interesting environment where they can play but also learn something new and share their experience with other children.

The purpose of my project is to enhance children learning through play activities in different spaces, develop their senses and stimulate their curiosity. Space will be designed by following some of the Kindergarten principle designs, using the children's perspective: their movement, their behaviour, and how they engage with the space. Kindergarten refers to an outdoor garden, with plants and trees, where children can observe, learn, touch, smell, and hear; through these activities, they connect themselves with nature.

Montessori educational philosophy will be taken into consideration as well for learning. Shapes and colors will have a significant role for children to understand the different spaces. Each room will have a dominant colour, linked to the activity, to create a welcoming and warm environment.

There will be group activities as well as individual space for children to relax, paint and show their potential and creativity. There will be a space for parents as well, where they can have a chat while sipping a tea or coffee with other parents and wait for their children. Activities for children include painting, drawing, reading books, playing, sleeping, eating, sharing, socializing, discovering nature, jumping, running, smelling, observing, touching, listening, seating, meditating, singing, playing instruments, and writing.