Samantha Stroud

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I’m Samantha Stroud, a British digital illustrator located in Cambridgeshire. I like to explore the themes of mental health, folklore/mythology and fantasy. Whether it is editorial or narrative based I primarily focus on incorporating strong linework, metaphors and texture in order to give my work character and meaning, so that it can appeal to a variety of audiences. I also like to experiment with colour palettes because I enjoy finding and trying out new ways to communicate visually and I am always open to developing and refining my craft.

Through illustration I want to address difficult subjects such as mental illness, because I want to provide a voice to those who feel unheard or isolated in their struggles. I believe that it is important for a creator to highlight topics like these, since art can break down barriers and get conversations started (due to the power of social media), which could have the potential to inspire positive change in the world. This is especially evident because of the effects of lockdown/the Covid-19 pandemic since it has forced many people to confront these issues and seek support.

My artistic influences are Jodie Howard, Clare Merchlinsky, John Kenn Mortensen and Chris Riddell.