Mara Ivan-Mohor

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am in a constant journey of exploring new visual languages and creative fields. Having worked in the traditional medium since 11 (when I started my apprenticeship as a Romanian fine arts college student), my university training has allowed me to specialise in freehand digital illustration and animation that I currently handle confidently across several forms, from editorial to book and music cover artworks, from poster to social media design or video animation.

Decoding different types of texts and reimagining them visually in meaningful stories is what entices me most, at the same time as which I continually strive to accommodate a passion for myths and fairy tales with my interests in character design, tonal atmosphere or motricity, and a concern for social themes pertinent both to contemporary practices and to my own cultural background. This partially attunes my work with that of contemporary artists like Hayao Miyazaki, Tadanori Yokoo, Simon Prades, Kotaro Chiba or Sophie Lee, whom I find inspirational.

The following projects undertaken during the final degree year may prove the versatile nature of my visual language. They include: a cover artwork and a music video animation made in collaboration with a Romanian music producer, Village; an editorial illustration for Oliver Sach’s ‘The Dog Beneath the Skin; a Facebook sticker pack; a set of t-shirt designs for a personal clothing brand, “YUKI”, which I intend to develop in the future, in addition to working as a freelancer in this challenging and ever-evolving field of illustration.