Kata Kocsispéter

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Conceptual thinking is in the heart of my process, and I enjoy using materials that are relevant to each project’s unique character. Mixing traditional and digital techniques like printmaking and animation, and using vibrant colours and textures are some of the main elements of my work. I take inspiration from everyday life, relationships, emotions, film and nature. With a focus on visual storytelling and conceptual ideas I work between various fields of illustration, from picture books, reportage drawing to poster design and editorial work.

One of my final year projects, a book cover design for ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ has been shortlisted for Penguin Random House Student Design Award and currently awaiting judgement for the winners announcement in June.

During my third year I also worked on an educational picture book that focuses on cycling & nature and a book based on a Clinical Tale by Oliver Sacks. Latter one has been longlisted for the AOI World Illustration Awards.