Callum Rose

Illustration - BA (Hons)

When deciding which images to curate for this exhibition, I found it incredibly hard to choose between my prints. From this selection I explore Arthurian legends, to personal pieces reflecting my experience over the past year.

I work primarily with printmaking, and constantly try to push my knowledge of what can be achieved. This year I worked with screen printing and found myself experimenting with the medium to create the most compelling outcomes. I also had a small period where I explored etching, and found it incredibly gratifying and hope to revisit it in the future. Above all else, my most rewarding endeavour was my dive into my mental health surrounding the move of my childhood home, in which I was faced with a vast amount of emotions I hadn’t had to deal with before. As such I was able to come to terms with this through my art.

A silver lining to this year has been my ability to focus on my work, without distractions I flourished. As a result I am incredibly proud of the quality of work I have produced since September and feel I have set a bar for myself, to keep pushing and elevating my illustrations.