Hannah Lane

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

I am a well-rounded BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation graduate with a creative eye and a constant willingness to learn and develop new skills. After three years evolving my animation knowledge learning techniques in 2D (hand-drawn and After Effects) and 3D, my love of stop-motion flourished. I decided to make my final major project using stop-motion making all my own puppets and sets, ending in a piece of work I am incredibly proud of (see link to ‘A Snowy Surprise’).

I enjoy visual storytelling through my characters, conveying emotion alongside playful humour. I create animation to make people smile with themes of love and friendship. You could relate this to children’s tv, however, my aim to remind all ages of the joys of animation. ‘A Snowy Surprise’ was my first time creating a stop-motion and it was an eye-opening experience and I was faced with a lot of challenges. Learning how to problem-solve and overcome these issues was a huge turning point for me and I feel I can now face anything!

I also have experience working on live-action short films and directing theatre shows. When I am not doing animation, I love to perform on stage and get involved at the theatre. I aspire to be in the animation industry creating content that I am passionate about and spreading positivity to the world. I look forward to becoming part of team and continue my creative career.

My CV is available on request.