Robyn McCurdy

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

As a young female designer, I am tired of the narrative surrounding menstruation being one of shame and secrecy. Therefore, I decided to dedicate my final major project to disrupting that status-quo of period perceptions.

I have developed a series of daring, yet likeable, period patterns inspired by menstruation. The patterns are proposed to be applied as textiles on public transport, sporting events and apparel. By doing
so the project hopes to increase visibility of the issue, encourage conversations and normalise being open, honest and accepting of periods and period talk.

The patterns, the proposals for their application, as well as the changes that I would like to see in regards to periods have been assembled into a publication called the Menstruation Manifesto. Society as a whole has a lot of outdated attitudes and the Manifesto wants to help break the cycle of period prejudices, to stop future generations inheriting our bias.

This project could be considered quite controversial, but, I would ask why? Why is talking openly about a normal biological process that affects approximately 49% of the population still taboo?

Lets stop the stigma.