Constance Mnani Esavwa

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

I am a freelance graphic designer, recently completed my degree in graphic design at ARU. In the past year, I have worked on live projects with clients who needed their products rebranded or my most recent one which made part of my final major projects where I designed a business showcase journal for the county government of Vihiga in Kenya. The journal will be showcased at Kenya’s annual business conference this financial year.

I have become a more confident and competent designer over the last three years when I studied and got guidance from my lecturers. I have been allowed the autonomy to explore my areas of interest as well as get involved in live projects with design agencies like One Space Media and student design competitions with Penguin publishers. My communication skills have grown tremendously and I’m able to tackle design briefs confidently and creatively whether alone or as part of a team. I am looking for opportunities as a graphic designer in either small- or large-scale companies that allow room for growth and creativity with guidance and within reason to allow me to scale my career further.

About my Final Major Project

A first of its kind, Vihiga county, a small and first growing business, agricultural and cultural hub in the western part of Kenya, had seen the effect that small businesses have on the Kenyan economy. During the pandemic they launched this amazing project and wanted to encourage young talent to take part and showcase their design and photography skills. I got selected to take part in this beautiful project which to me is a passion project. I got to work with my country to showcase small nonmainstream businesses in a way that is very intimate and in a positive light. The aim of this project is to highlight the people in my country who often are not recognised by society and often overlooked yet they contribute highly to our society and economy’s wellbeing. This was clearly seen during the pandemic as most busi­nesses shut down, but this Businesses continued to run and feed the nation when we needed it the most.

Kiosks are small makeshift shops normally run by local food sellers or sometimes farmers to sell their produce. This is how most Kenyan do grocery shopping weekly as they are easily accessible in at least every estate in Kenya and normally they are mobile. contribute highly to the Kenyan GDP through tax payments etc.

Grocery markets are food / farmers markets that support the locals of an area and normally buy food products to sell at wholesale prices to the kiosk owners. They are permanent setups or sometimes makeshift but not mobile like the kiosks.