Alexandru Tirinda

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Alexandru Tirinda, Undergraduate at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University in the field of graphic design. Living in a small town in Romania for most of my life, I have moved to Paris, France for a few years before deciding to undertake the graphic design course in Cambridge. Graphic design was a hobby when I was younger but as I grew older, we drifted apart. Back then I did not even know it was called graphic design I was just trying to reproduce stuff I was discovering online in my own style, using different software. 

As a young designer, I can say that at the moment I am most inspired by the work of other contemporary designers and studios who present the quality of work you should produce to be able to call yourself a professional designer which drives me to find ways to better myself as a designer.

For the student Present 2021 exhibition, I’ve decided to showcase my wayfinding signage system for the Midsummer Commons and Jesus Green Park in Cambridge. I am passionate about designing Wayfinding Systems since I’ve first come across the NY Metropolitan Transit Authority Wayfinding system designed by Massimo Vignelli which is one of the designers I most admire.

I started this project from the user’s perspective, having to cross this park almost every day, I became familiar with the issues of the current Wayfinding System and came up with a new improved system which will help the user understand quickly figure out his location as well as where he’ll be heading. This means I’ve designed a Map System, Directional and Warning Signage and Trailblazing to help the user navigate around the park quickly and clear. The colour palette was designed to blend in with the current Wayfinding System the city of Cambridge has in place and at the same time keep it discreet around the park.