Mihaela Perioc

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Every work of art embodies the vision of its creator and reveals a facet of the collective mind. Artists offer the world the pain and beauty of their soul as a gift to open the eyes of and heal the collective.’(A.Grey).

I wish to believe that my purpose as an artist is to bring peace and healing to individuals and society. I am pursuing a visual application of my beliefs by touching on my personal experiences with Orthodox religion and spirituality in general.

Even though I consider myself an international student without a label, this project was realised from my perspective as a Romanian individual. Taking into consideration the actual circumstances (COVID Pandemic), I was unable to return to the UK and I decided to embrace the change and fructify the opportunity of bringing an authentic Romanian input into my work.

My practice is conceptual and mostly digital. From photography to collages, moving images and performance, I like to keep an open mind and experience everything that my intuition leads me towards. By reflecting on my experiences and the dynamics of society, I get inspired and recreate different scenarios filtered through my thoughts and emotions. In that story, I situate myself in a grey/tensioned area to emphasize the existence of free will and choices that individuals can take. To express all that in my works, I treat my body as a temple and use it as a smart tool. I speak verbally, nonverbally and artistically through my body. I realise my deepest nature is to transcend alienation, eradicate the constricted ego, and unite with the world and life.