Laura Bell

English Literature - BA (Hons)

I am an aspiring writer graduating from Anglia Ruskin University. Having always loved books I decided to study English Literature, but in the first year discovered an equal love for creative writing. Because of this, I took many writing subjects which were offered within the literature course. Gaining some of my strongest grades in subjects such as poetry, plays and short fiction writing, I developed my writing style during my time at university.

Much of my fiction is based on my wealth of life experience. As a mature student, I had a career as a stage actress before enrolling in a university, and also spent a year volunteering for the witness service at Cambridge crown court, where I learned about the justice system and assisted the prosecution witnesses on many cases. Because of this, much of my work contains themes of injustice, law and crime. Another theme I focus on in fiction is family. I became a stepmother shortly before commencing my degree and a mother during my final year.

I hope to complete a novel addressing themes of family law and substance abuse, and to achieve status as a published author.