Leila Rhiannon Price

Drama - BA (Hons)

Hi there, I'm Leila!  A third year Drama student at Anglia Ruskin Cambridge with a keen interest in how theatre can support the education of children and vulnerable communities. My work with a small Theatre in Education company 1616, touring several UK schools conducting immersive workshops for children, was integral in igniting the ambition to expose the power of theatre as a form of catharsis and expression to young people.

At present, I volunteer with vulnerable adults through Cambridge Community Arts, using my knowledge of theatre to facilitate educational sessions for them, a process which has been incredibly rewarding and the feedback from learners has provided an amazing opportunity for development. The work at CCA helps me grow not only as an arts practitioner but as a person too, widening and diversifying the pool of performers I work with, thus helping me to respond to difference with an improved sense of understanding and empathy. I aim to continue to explore this area of theatre and performance further as I enter the industry as a graduate.

Loss was the product of a module during my final year at University, I chose this text from Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis out of a pool of proposed stimuli. My desire was to use imagery to explore loss and the idea that whilst grieving life can feel frozen, and with a sense of resentment we observe as the world and those around us continue to keep existing fruitfully. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to explore and develop a range of new skills during my degree; using the medium of film as a form of expression was something I hadn’t investigated fully before, but it was extremely fulfilling, enjoyable and I look to incorporate more videography into future projects.