Zoe Ramsammy

Drama and English Literature - BA (Hons)

I’m Zoe Ramsammy, a third year graduating from ARU. The filmed project that I worked on with Beth Astins was a snippet from the play 4.48 Psychosis, which we broke up into a dialogue and a montage sequence. The play centres heavily mental health, which drew me in because it is something that I feel very strongly about and try to advocate for. The piece itself tries to encapsulate the juxtaposition of what mental health looks like from an outside point of view vs what it actually feels like. It’s very difficult to find real representation within the media, and this piece for me is a step towards a more intimate attempt at creating representation for people who don’t necessarily have that, be that people with disabilities, people of colour, etc.  

Representation, as a person of colour, is something that I am very interested in tackling in my career. As someone who know what it’s like not to be represented, I want to give that representation to others. I’ve shifted more towards writing now, my goal is to one day get my work traditionally published! I keep all my endeavours chronicled on my website and social media.