Tasarla Chester

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

I have recently completed the BA (Hons) Digital Media degree at Anglia Ruskin University. The work that I have produced within this time varies from photography and postproduction, to app design and animation.

Throughout my work I explore the relationship between society and the development of digital media. This includes the effects of digital media on areas of employment, societal issues, and art.

For my final major project, I have designed a social networking app titled ‘Attuned’, whereby members of the music community can connect on a professional and social level, to share their experiences and services with each other. This project was completed using Adobe XD to design the wireframes and Photoshop to design the elements within them. This is an app that I would one day like to publish as I believe it would be a great benefit to the music community, combining both social networking elements such as image sharing capabilities and chatrooms, alongside professional elements such as equipment hiring services and event promotion search engines. The app was designed using a nightlife inspired colour palette, and incorporated elements such as spotlights and luminous text to convey the features you’d find within music venues.

I aspire to work in the B2B sales industry, specifically in the field of media sales, and believe my time throughout university has given me a strong level of knowledge in this field to kickstart my career.