Jacob Barry

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

I have recently completed the BA (Hons) Digital Media course at ARU. Over this time, I have developed a strong interest for drawing and creating digital artworks. For my final Major Project, I collaborated with David Blandy on his Dungeons and Dragons style project ‘Lost Eons’. Over this period, I have been producing concept art for creatures and characters in the Lost Eons world and larger illustrations to be used in the printed Lost Eons rule book. This involved working with David, getting feedback and creating iterations on my designs. I really enjoyed collaborating on this and look forward to future projects. (To see more of the work I produced for Lost Eons, visit the link to ‘The Barrel’ below).

I primarily used Photoshop to create the drawings. However, I also began developing my skills integrating 3D software into the process. To present my final sketches and paintings, I 3D modelled a gallery space using Blender and imported this model into Mozilla Hubs. This creates a virtual 3D gallery that can be opened and explored in your internet browser.