Eleanor Penny-Inskip

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

The individual identity of a woman is often lost after the birth of a child, replaced by the role of a mother. "A Room of One’s Own" is a space to give these women the freedom to choose their own narrative. Now more than ever we are becoming increasingly aware that social interaction is a vital aspect of human life. Mothers often live the earlier years of their children’s lives in isolation, much like we are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many women are unable to work, and having a dependent means that your daily choices are often limited, whether it’s a simple trip to the supermarket, or meeting with friends.

In "A Room of One’s Own", Eleanor has carefully analysed the daily activities of mothers, and found ways to make everyday life more accessible, through access to flexible work and child care, child friendly café & socialising areas, breast or bottle feeding options designed to suit individual needs and safe & secure storage for prams & buggies. The addition of biophilic elements throughout have been designed to awaken the senses and enrich the experience of freedom.